Nintendo is only giving out 10 free games

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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

6 years ago#31
I'd be happy if they include Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire!
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User Info: Trixone

6 years ago#32
Ok, got it. 20 old games to go.
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

6 years ago#33
awesomemario posted...
From Nintendo's Facebook:

"Because of your amazing loyalty to Nintendo, we want to say thanks for already having bought a 3DS in appreciation we're giving you 20 free games"


Say that to all the fanboys that can't read a sentence without changing the wording to suit there needs. They do that way more than anybody else on these boards.
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User Info: gillz107

6 years ago#34
ToastIsWoosh posted...
From: OmegaZero633 | #028
What happened to TC? o.o
Haha, what do you think? He was obviously proven wrong and doesn't want to admit it.


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User Info: chickenturkey10

6 years ago#35
I hope the GBA games will be scaled (well) to the wide screen of the 3DS. That would be awesome.
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