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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

6 years ago#11
I don't care either way. If I didn't play them on the NES or GBA, then there was a reason for that. I certainly won't fall all over Nintendo now or hate them over a bunch of games I've played before or never wanted to play to begin with. The only thing I want from Nintendo is a new power pad with new games, lol. World Class Track Meet '12 with 4 vs. 4 wifi multiplayer relays would be epic.
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User Info: Jiryn

6 years ago#12
Doh I miss read the article, the Nintendo are not Exclusive the GBA are.
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User Info: kfcsnacker

6 years ago#13
I get the 20 games for free which is around 80 dollars, if someone buys the 3DS on the 12th and buys them all for 80 dollars, who really cares, not a huge fan of exclusive stuff based on dates because usually it's unfair for one side.

Kinda like on club nintendo, unless you bought your wii after a certain date you get no coins for registering it.
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  3. Would you be disappointed.... ~~~ If...

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