anybody wanna take some guesses as to what the other 5 free NES and GBA gamesare

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  3. anybody wanna take some guesses as to what the other 5 free NES and GBA gamesare

User Info: ZatchBell

6 years ago#1
^topic^ hopefully somethin good. i gotta be honest i think this may be the most generous thing Nintendo as a company has ever done. Thank God i bought a 3DS
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User Info: raymanfan1

6 years ago#2
They will only be first/second party (second party means stuff like GREZZO, Gamefreak, who are only allowed to develop games for Nintendo systems, because Nintendo owns shares in them) games, cause no third party is gonna be prepared to give out games for free, just cause Ninty asks them to.
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User Info: Kayube

6 years ago#3
We got a Zelda game as part of the NES lineup, so I'm hoping for The Minish Cap as one of the GBA games.
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User Info: Martiin51

6 years ago#4
Kayube posted...
We got a Zelda game as part of the NES lineup, so I'm hoping for The Minish Cap as one of the GBA games.

I would love that
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User Info: PaperSpock

6 years ago#5
They seemed to have a bit of a thing for ports, so I wouldn't rule out ALttP either. That would make me nostalgia out; my first Zelda game was that version of ALttP
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User Info: RoyMaster4

6 years ago#6
Gunna copy+paste my response from another topic:


Metroid - Completes the big 3, was one of the NES clasics on the GBA... there's also a reason we didn't get Zero Mission over Fusion.

Punch-Out!! - One of the main classic Nintendo games, I'd be surprised if this wasn't included. Plus it's had a new game recently, there's no reason not to go back and revisit this.

Kid Icarus - Advertising for the new game, as well as becoming popular recently due to Pit in Brawl.

Clu Clu Land - Another classic, alongside the likes of Ice Climber and Balloon Fight. Though it may not be loved by the general public, it's still a decent game Nintendo would put up.

Wrecking Crew - Since I doubt Duck Hunt will appear due to the lack of a Zapper, and Donkey Kong seems unlikely due to Jr and the recent GB game, this seems like the next best option.

Other good choices include Wario's Woods, Yoshi, and Mach Rider, but I doubt any of those would show.


Before going into this, Nintendo has said that these will be exclusive - however, I really doubt the GBA emulation will be exclusive, so only the titles will be. Every title announced so far seems reasonable to not be released (The other 3 Mario Advances are more popular, Mario vs DK is on DSiware, etc). So, it only seems reasonable not to include some very popular titles such as Zelda: Minish Cap.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land - Without Kirby's Adventure on the NES, Kirby needs some sort of game here. I see NiD being here as people could still buy Kirby's Adventure from the NES VC.

Drill Dozer - Often overlooked game, but still one that could show up here. Not every game has to be a big hit, you know. Seems reasonable if other, more popular games are being ignored.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - The one FE game that wouldn't be debatable which to add (FE6 is japan only, but why FE7 before FE6?), and I'd expect the other 2 to go for sale at some point. Also covers any RPG fans out there.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - It's getting difficult to pick games Nintendo wouldn't mind not selling... but there is another GBA F-Zero game out there, so this wouldn't be a huge loss.

Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire - It would be silly not to have a Pokemon game on here, but it would also be silly to release any of the main games without multiplayer and without releasing both in a pair. This is the only one left to use, unless you count Red Mystery Dungeon...

Other possibilities include Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Mario Party Advance, Mario Tennis: Power Tour, or Zelda: Link to the Past (Without Four Swords). I'd love to see Advance Wars or Golden Sun make an appearance, but it seems unlikely as those would be big money-makers in the future...

I do, however, expect Minish Cap on VC sometime by the end of the year before the 25th anniversary is up, as well as Zero Mission.

If in fact the GBA titles are NOT exclusive, I expect Minish Cap, Golden Sun, and Advance Wars to be candidates for substitution.
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User Info: WickedSickJosh

6 years ago#7
GBA: Fire Emblem, DK: King Of Swing (since I never owned those two), Pokemon Emerald, Metroid: Zero Mission, Golden Sun

NES: Star Tropics, Donkey Kong.....and, um, yeah...every other big name NES game I already downloaded through the VC.
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  3. anybody wanna take some guesses as to what the other 5 free NES and GBA gamesare

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