Wow... the price drop is pretty telling as to Nintendo's situation.

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  3. Wow... the price drop is pretty telling as to Nintendo's situation.

User Info: SazukeEX

6 years ago#31
ffdgh1 posted...
Honestly...they shouldn't have rose the price due to positive feedback in the first place.

Fanboys are idiots, that's why. The moment they overpriced the 3DS because of Fan feedback I knew that in less than a year there would be a price cut once the Hardcores already had their 3DSs and the rest aren't willing to drop that much after seeing what the Vita brings.
XBox Live: Tinklyknight (Not Gold at the moment due to various reasons)

User Info: CyberData4

6 years ago#32
Price drop means they want to entice more people buy purchase a 3DS.

And guess what? It's working for me. I'm not even into portable gaming like that. I got a PSP but I sold it because not too many of the games appealed to me.

But I'm actually REALLY looking forward to buying this on the12th. I'm tired of 99cent crappy games on my iPhone. I game every work day during my commute and the iPhone's offerings just isn't enough for me. FF3 was great. FFT will be nice...but I need more than Angry bird clones.

I like the games that are coming out for the 3DS. I grew up w/ Mario, Zelda, Starfox..etc. But 250 is just friggin crazy for a portable. But I'm willing to buy it at 170.

I think there will be a fair amount of people willing to buy it at that price. And honestly...that's how the free market should work. Nintendo dun goofed. But they're adapting.

User Info: HollowNinja

6 years ago#33
NoPointMade posted...
LOL. As it stands throughout PS2 to PS3, and PS1 to PSP transitions, the backwards compatibility promise is something Sony can't barely keep due to scarce ports and licensing issues. I tend not to believe them when they say this.

This boils down to opinion. 'Atrocious' is something people used to describe Sony's PSN at first launch too, compared to XBOX Live marketplace. It's just a matter of getting used to and from the looks of the interface, Nintendo's got the capable devs to continue improving them.

While it's possible that Sony will renege on backwards compatibility again, I don't think it's likely. They've probably learned from their mistake the first time. Also, the PS3 BC involved hardware components which increased the price of the PS3; Sony removed BC to cut costs. Also, remember that going into the PS3, a lot of people had a PS2. It was the dominant console of the previous generation, and PS2 game sales were exceeding PS3 game sales due to people buying PS2 games for their PS3s. The same thing might happen for the 3DS - meaning, it's actually possible that it will be Nintendo that axes backwards compatibility this time (I don't think that's likely, actually).

Sony's PSN was atrocious when it first launched. Nintendo's online is even worse. If it's "just a matter of getting used to it", then that's a problem in itself. An interface that needs getting used to is a bad interface. Nintendo's eShop, and all their other online features are poorly designed. They've had time to improve, and they haven't.

Honestly, I don't think I'll buy anything off the eShop in the first place until Nintendo makes downloads tied to the account and not to the hardware. Until then, it doesn't matter what the interface looks like. Once they've fixed that, they'll need to actually set up a usable interface that doesn't sort things into categories called "two-player games" and "action games". Steam: DJ illi ill
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  3. Wow... the price drop is pretty telling as to Nintendo's situation.

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