What do you think the other Gameboy Advance Titles Will Be?

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User Info: Mario_Bones

6 years ago#21
Ice Pulse posted...
This is just me, but I'm really hoping for:

Metroid Zero Mission
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
WarioWare Twisted (totally possible)
Zelda: Minish Cap

Honestly I'm having trouble thinking of one more game. Super Mario World would be awesome, but I don't care for the GBA version. What would really make me happy is if they did Mother3 and Rhythm Tengoku.

Oh wow, Twisted would actually be perfect for 3DS to show off the gyroscope
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User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#22
i want astroboy omega factor
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User Info: xCha0s

6 years ago#23
pokemon pinball gs

User Info: Shift Breaker

Shift Breaker
6 years ago#24
It would be, but we're already getting a Wario Ware game, and I don't expect them to make things too similar for the GBA games (Which is also why I think we'll only get one of Fire Emblem/TSS/Advance Wars/2 as they're all a lot more similar than, say, Advance Wars and Super Mario Bros.)

Pity though, as they never released Twisted in the UK so I've never played it. Heard it's a mighty fine, if not a bit repetitive game.

Oh yeah, games I want.

Advance Wars 2
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
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User Info: DatuDugo

6 years ago#25
Fire Emblem
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow?!
Golden Sun TLA
Legend of Zelda Minish Cup
Advance Wars 2
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User Info: MarioGalaxy2

6 years ago#26
Would this board go mad if one of the other five was Mother 3.
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