~What will the loopholers do if they can NOT redeem the $80/ get a price match?~

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  3. ~What will the loopholers do if they can NOT redeem the $80/ get a price match?~

User Info: SquareSide

6 years ago#21
All who do the loophole will get dead pixels on their 3DS no matter how many times they replace it. Good day... =]
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User Info: XspunkyX

6 years ago#22
Start a petition.

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User Info: chrono625

6 years ago#23
It's a win/win either way...

You either get 20 free games that are valued to at least $80 or you save $80 that can be used on two games or whatever.

I don't see how you lose in either case.
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User Info: kyomagi

6 years ago#24
Problem with your statement is this, bestbuy does do price matches on anything. Period.

I bought two games. Opened them, played them, sold them on ebay. Week before my 45 day return policy was up, i took my receipt in and got my price match.

It will work. And when "loopholers" who just bought the system get the refund, i'll be laughing.

User Info: Wallydraigle

6 years ago#25
I don't get why anyone would be okay with a store hypothetically not honoring its own price match policy. That's bait and switch.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#26
lie and say it did work.
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User Info: Nate_Dihldorff

6 years ago#27
The people saying it won't work are the people who got shafted the most.

It's common sense, really.

It's no different than me getting it cheaper than the $250 price (but not necessarily at the $170 price) and still getting the 20 games.
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  3. ~What will the loopholers do if they can NOT redeem the $80/ get a price match?~

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