I find the price drop to be absolutly unnecessary.

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  3. I find the price drop to be absolutly unnecessary.

User Info: Koopalmier

6 years ago#11
Nintendo wanted to release 3DS before any other "common" 3D device. Now they took the lead. They could've released the console in December of last year, but they wanted to wait a few months to get more games ready.

They released the 3DS early intentionally, I think.

Also, the price drop was necessary. All the people I know who didn't want a 3DS now want one.
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User Info: RemixDeluxe

6 years ago#12
I admit I didn't think that one through but do you at least get my point? Were they disappointed that their precious steel diver or Nintendogs didn't sell great. That should of been obvious that casuals would go for such weak titles. Seriously even the DS got Super Mario 64 DS. Despite it being a port of an N64 game it was a Mario game nonetheless. Also seeing Ocarina of Time 3D not holding up content wise as SM64DS did it was disapointing as well.

I still believed they should of waited for the real sellers to come in before throwing in the towel. (Super Mario 3D, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 3D)
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User Info: SMT_Masochist

6 years ago#13
It was necessary. Sales were lower than expected. The price was too high for something that didn't "look" like much of a leap graphically from the DSi. The 3D is a nice feature but it doesnt make or break games yet. Aside from design flaws such as the single analog and screen scratching frame, 3rd parties were either delaying or canceling games. Not a good sign going against a hyped new machine this holiday season.

As a launch buyer though, this sucked. 6 months and a price drop already and all we get are some old ass games that barely anyone would want? I love Nin machines but I think I'll wait for the eventual drop with the WiiU. We know the competition will announce something next E3 which will render Nin's console obsolete before the first box is opened.

Geez! A 30% price cut!?
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User Info: Flint247

6 years ago#14
I have to say that I am glad they lowered the price. The sales were slowing down and people were overlooking this system because of the price and games.
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  3. I find the price drop to be absolutly unnecessary.

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