No sympathy for Nintendo?

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User Info: AppIe_3-14

6 years ago#51
Reimu_H posted...
in this site everything ever sucks


No sympathy for Nintendo because I payed full price for 2 3DS'.

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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#52
Mig_Mej posted...
- Decrease in profits
- Abuse of loopholes
- Possible failure of 3DS

Is there anyone else like me who has no sympathy for Nintendo? Speak up and let your voices be heard! With everything I have suffered as a Wii owner, I have no sympathy for Nintendo. With Nintendo's near abandonment of the Wii and unwillingness to release RPGs in NA, I have no sympathy for them. It is time for them to pay for their arrogance. I have supported Nintendo since NES, but enough is enough and its time for a change.

As for so called "theft" by using the loophole, how about the "theft" that was committed by Nintendo when they sold the 3DS at $250 when it is clearly not worth that much? They robbed those customers and it is only now that people are not dumb enough to pay that that they are changing their tune. And if it is theft, then charge the people who do it, which is unfair because we can't charge Nintendo for their theft of our money.

In short, Nintendo deserves everything they are getting. Hopefully they will learn from this. Am I ever glad I did not end up buying 3DS.

For **** sake. The god damn price has NOTHING to do with it. Why are you calling nintendo a thief for making the 3DS 250 bucks. Other god damn companies do the same damn thing and yet no one says anything. Quit blaming only Nintendo.
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

6 years ago#53
Nintendo gets my money when either the new Mario or Luigi's mansion comes out. <----Good comic
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User Info: jjeerryyonly9

6 years ago#54
Mariofan15 posted...
Why are you calling nintendo a thief for making the 3DS 250 bucks.

I agree, however, the only way to justify keeping the price tag at $250 would be if there were a continuing lineup of solid titles for the 3DS, which there isn't.

I can also say, though, that I remember shelling out beacoup bucks for every system I've gotten at launch, only to see them at 30-50% less a year or two later. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, they all do it.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#55
FunkyKong84 posted...
There are a few things Nintendo should stop denying:1. No more region lock for god's sake. This is 2011 and they're only hurting their game sales by keeping it.2. Price drop of most mediocre and bad games. We all know that Wii, DS and 3DS have a huge amount of mediocre games (Mario Party, Warioware etc etc). You can't expect people to pay 50 euros for a game with three different versions (Mario & Sonic I 'm talking about you). PS3 drops the price of most older games anyway. You can easily find a PS3 game with 10 euros.3, Nintendo can't rely on their own sources forever. They need to merge with a big electronics company.

1. very few people import
2. mario party is popular and has great mini games.
3. NO nintendo is good as is.
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User Info: Mig_Mej

6 years ago#56
GEKGanon posted...
"Near abandonment? The life cycle is ending. This is what happens when a system starts dying out. It happened with the GameCube, the GameBoy Advance, the DS, and just about every other system I can think of. All the good titles get slated for production on the newer systems, and the dying system usually gets 1 or 2 final great games after a long lull. If you owned any game system prior to Wii, then you can't really justify ignoring the obvious."

Dude, PS2 was pushing out great titles until only a few years ago, but Wii has slowed down to a pathetic trickle with only ONE worthwhile game slated for release in NA, ONE.

"Yeah, the system is definately lacking in certain genres, but again, that isn't anything new. Not to be all over Nintendo's balls here, but there are certain things you can expect from them. Just as you'd be an idiot to buy the system expecting a bunch of violent first party games, you're equally as idiotic for buying a system expecting genres that haven't been delivered in YEARS. You know what types of first party titles you'll generally see, and you know what sort of titles don't usually grace Nintendo's home consoles. N64 had what, Quest 64 and Ogre Battle? And the Gamecube had... Baten Kaidos? Yet you purchased the Wii with the expectations that RPGs would flow like a rushing river? If you ignore the obvious, that is your fault."

The thing is that with only a few games being released for Wii that aren't shovelware, WHY THE HELL NOT release a couple of RPGs that are ALREADY made, just translate them and bring them to the customers, even a limited release. Let me be Nintendo for a second here; Hummm, it really would be good to release more games for Wii, Wii U won't be here for a while, people are getting tired of shovelware, there isn't really much else we have scheduled for release, hey, how about those RPGs that have already been made in Japan? We don't usually bring them to the U.S., but considering out situation, why not? Even if we don't make a big profit on them, it will at least fill up the release schedule a bit, and more importantly, be a show of good faith for our customers. One of them is already being translated in English for Europe? Even better! it will even help people forget a bit about the 3BS, WHY THE HELL NOT?!

"What theft? Nintendo priced the handheld at $250, and the people that wanted it and thought the price was fair bought it. If someone didn't want it and bought it, they are an idiot, and if someone wanted it but thought the price was unfair, but paid anyway, then they have no business owning money in the first place."

It may not have been theft in the legal sense, but the fact that Nintendo is lowering the price this quickly, this much, only makes the company itself look greedy and underhanded and leaves a bad taste with customers. It may not have been the legal definition of theft, but I sure as hell don't blame people for feeling ripped off.
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User Info: Mig_Mej

6 years ago#57
"Are you serious? The theft of "our" money? Who is this plural group you're talking about? You got a turd in your pocket? You didn't even buy a 3DS, what are you whining about? Nintendo didn't STEAL MY money. I wanted the system, I paid for it. I gave them my money for a product I wanted to purchase at the price they were charging."

Wow, youre actually right about something. I do have a turd in my pocket; a little kid dropped his 3BS and I put it in my pocket before trying to give it back to him. When I tried to give it to him, he told me he hadn't dropped it; he was actually throwing it away and gonna stick with his DS. I told him I don't blame him. By "our", I mean the Nintendo customers who were not only ripped off by the 3BS, but the ones who were disappointed by Wii and the practices of Nintendo as a whole in recent years. It isn't only about 3BS, it is about the arrogant practices of Nintendo as a whole. I don't have to buy the 3BS to share my disappointment about a company whose products I have spent money on for YEARS. If you don't feel ripped off, thats cool, but many of us do and have valid reasons for feeling that way.

"In summary, you don't really have any business whining about any of this. I have no intentions of buying the Vita, and I can't imagine sitting on the Vita boards whining about Sony's business practices."

It is my business, like I said, I have spent much money on the products of this company over the years. I am concerned with not only the 3BS, but the direction of the company as a whole. You may wanna beleive things are fine, but I don't, and these forums are an appropriate place for such discussions. Whether you have an interest in discussing Vita and Sony on those boards, that is up to you. But I certainly have an interest in discussing Nintendo, their products, and the direction of the company and this is an appropriate place for it. If you want to keep beleiving everything is peachy, just don't come to threads like this.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

6 years ago#58
"1. very few people import - yeah, sure buddy.
2. mario party is popular and has great mini games. - LOL
3. NO nintendo is good as is. - debatable"

spoken like a true fanboy.
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