There must be other ways to become an ambassador...

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User Info: Random_Ghost

5 years ago#11
YoyokuKO posted...
Cave_Lion posted...
They won't. The price drop was $80. That is what Nintendo value their Early adopters. If they made the Ambassador availabel for new people they would haave to charge $80. They aren't stupid. Arrogant and naive at times but not Stupid.

They could easily make an extra profit by charging GBA games from $10 a piece.
Assuming the ambassadorship would be a fair $20...$10x10+$5x10...$170...

$90 in profit.
The "if" is if people buy all of them.

Or they could just, y'know, sell the free NES games (and eventually GBA ones, though not for a few years) to non-ambassadors at $5-$8 a piece just like they'll most likely do with the non-free ones. Much easier for everyone, and Ambassadors still feel special. Everybody wins.
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User Info: YoyokuKO

5 years ago#12
people are still gonna complain once the GBA games become public.
there's no changing that.

User Info: Shibuto

5 years ago#13

From: YoyokuKO | #006
read, not heard.
at least be consistent.

anyways, theory is still valid.
people buying into being ambassador won't mean the games will be free from them either.

Oh so you didn't do your homework, you just made an assumption.

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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

5 years ago#14
YoyokuKO posted...
Yes, rewarding those who paid early is only partially correct. In general, it's the reward to those who paid extra. Essentially, they already paid a fee to be an ambassador.

This could be applied to buying into being an ambassador. A simple one time payment of $10~$50.
With that payment you would be able to access the GBA selection.


I never said they should/would be free. Part of the reward for early abassadors is getting them for free. Notice how the payment to be one is not the full $80.

Yes, the numbers don't have backing, but the general idea is based on that.

No, absolutely none of the $250 we paid for our 3DS's is going to any kind of fee. The $80 dollars difference from the new $170 3DS is going towards the free games. $4 per game, which we already paid for when we bought the 3DS, hence why they're "free".

The people getting the $170 3DS won't have that $80 to give to get those 20 games, which is why they wont be getting Ambassador status and wont be getting those games.

The only way to get Ambassador status is to buy a 3DS before the new price takes effect. The ONLY way.
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User Info: YoyokuKO

5 years ago#15

read my other post before that.
it's not implied, but it's going towards the same thing


even if they don't do an eShop deal like this, there will be ways.
Buy the remodel and have access to ambassador status by going online within a month.

there are several ways they can go about it.

User Info: LordAndrew

5 years ago#16
Nobody was suggesting any of these games be free to non-ambassadors. Your idea isn't all that interesting. All you're suggesting is that they sell these games. And in the case of the NES titles, they will.
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