Ugh, i still don't get it.

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User Info: Jrx1

6 years ago#1
How do i register my 3DS to the "Ambassador" program to get free GBA games? Like on a website or what? Anyone tell me how to do it for Europe?

User Info: TheSPP

6 years ago#2
Connect to the eShop. Bam, done!
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User Info: skawo93

6 years ago#3
Just go and connect to the Eshop. That's it.
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User Info: so64

6 years ago#4
You simply have to access the eShop. And possibly download something such as Nintendo Video. That's it.
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User Info: 1shadetail1

6 years ago#5
Just connect to the eShop. That's all there is to it. As long as you connect before the price drop happens on August 12, you've "registered" and will get the free games.
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User Info: NikLink

6 years ago#6
Enter the eShop. Bam, that's it.

User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#7
If you've ever logged into the eShop by 11 August, you've got it.
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User Info: NikLink

6 years ago#8
Sweet holy mother of God...


User Info: Jrx1

6 years ago#9
I sure did logged into eShop, even the first time it was just released to download Pokedex 3D. So yay for me, Yoshi's Island :D
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  3. Ugh, i still don't get it.

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