Troubling trends in Gaming

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User Info: mcsmellington

6 years ago#21
cheeseyrox2 posted...
There are troubling trends in gaming. It's not Sony. It's Apple.

The whole $1 for a game treats gaming, as a hobby--as disposable. Consumers waste a buck here and there for shallow experiences, and they don't care.

The game industry cannot survive if Apple takes over and undercuts handhelds AND consoles. I don't believe iDevices to be viable gaming handhelds, at all. But people with short attention spans are attracted into Apple's business model. It costs millions of dollars to create a high-budget game. A developer cannot break even on an iDevice.

Apple's empire in the gaming industry is growing, rather than shrinking. You can argue that they're expanding games to everyone all you want. It's harming the medium as an artform. That's one terrible trend in gaming.

Another terrible trend? Mishandled DLC. DLC that unlocks content that was developed right on the disc, is generally wrong. Activision and Capcom are the biggest culprits, for obvious reasons and examples. They're also running franchises into the ground.

This generation has set some terrible trends. I don't think gaming will die. It's just not a good thing that developers are pressured into making things that succeed rather than true labors of love. It's why you see so many FPS games announced at E3.

I worry for the future of gaming. Please don't flame me; if you disagree with what I said (disposable iPod games, BAD DLC), please do so respectfully...

Gaming is a hobby isn't it? It's definitely not my career >_> Anyway, I think iDevices are visible gaming platforms, at least the iPad is anyway, I haven't used the others much. Games like GTA: Chinatown Wars are available on the usual handhelds, as well as iOS, with the iOS version being cheaper, better graphics and features such as custom soundtracks, which I think is brilliant. Handheld games are too expensive, a 3DS game retails for £40 here; that's the price of a brand new 360 game, which is often longer, bigger and has a set of online features.

You can't expect people to want to pay so much for handheld gaming anymore, when the same calibre of games are on iOS so cheaply. Fair enough there is a lot of crap on iOS, but you can find some full, deep games for a fraction of the price of a handheld game. I'd rather buy Order and Chaos for £1.99, and a three month subscription for the same price, than £40 for Pilotwings, or anything on the 3DS for that matter. Episodic point and click games release on the iOS for less than £5; brilliant games at a tiny price, the same goes for racing games, RPG's etc. The most expensive iOS game I've seen has been £10 I believe, which was FF3. Even then it's still comparatively cheap; new DS games retail for £30.

Also, it just came to mind; Apple give the opportunity to indie devs to release games, something Nintendo are not very good for. Microsoft do this too, with their indie section, and I think PSN does too with Minis, although I'm not sure if they are indie games, anyone know?
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User Info: Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly
6 years ago#22
That is the one thing Apple has done right, but that the same time they screwed it up a little.

The low barrier to entry. There is no reason for Planets Vs Zombies to be $30 on DS, or for PSP games to be $40 when full PSN PS3 games are $15 or better yet for any 20 year old VC rom to be anything more than $1.

Those prices are way to high, and Apple was right in forcing prices low.

Problem is they forced them too low, so now the average person will not buy any Game apps unless they are .99 or free. So all these developers that are flocking over to iOS for games are finding that they can't sell them, even for something as low as $10.
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