Ever since the update...

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User Info: bigshot2000

6 years ago#1
My 3DS has started up without fail after pressing the power button once. Where as before it used to take 2-4 presses before it powered up.

Anyone else notice?
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User Info: Bongbuddy

6 years ago#2
No. Your 3DS is probably faulty. Either that or you have a problem with pushing a button correctly.
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User Info: endoflevelboss

6 years ago#3
I read several posts after the previous update with people asking the same thing. A couple of times my own 3DS didn't come on after I pressed the power button.

So either a lot of people simultaneously forgot how to press buttons or there was actually something in it and poster #2 isn't quite as clever as (s)he thinks.

User Info: dbz_gotenks

6 years ago#4
AFAIK, this update was supposed to fix that issue (not turning on with one press).
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User Info: CryogonaI

6 years ago#5
Yes, I had the power button issue before the update (it's been reported by so many people, I'm surprised there's still some people who've never heard of it on here O_O) and now it's almost non-existant. I believe there has been one instance of it taking more than 1 press to turn on since then, but that could've just been me not pressing it properly.
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User Info: zeldasho

6 years ago#6
Mine had that issue also, took like 4 or 5 presses to start up. Now 90% of the time it starts on the first press
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User Info: CrazeePeter

6 years ago#7
Yup...same here.
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User Info: XMike17

6 years ago#8
nice, I thought it was just me not pressing the button correctly lol
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