4.32 million sold in 5 months is not a failure

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User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#61
meltonbj posted...
the PSP is outselling it despite the 3DS having a bigger catalogue of games (as it is backwards compatible).

Not really. Many people have a DS already. From the perspecive of someone who owns a DS already, PSP will provide them with more potential games. The 3DS will only add 3DS games and possibly DSiWare games.

And someone who doesn't have a DS will buy likely buy either the DS or the PSP, due to their lower prices. So the 3DS really doesn't have that "bigger catalogue" appeal to many people. Maybe compared to the Vita, but not compared to the PSP.
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User Info: ThunderBlade5

6 years ago#62
I would just like to add that with specific regards to the U.S. our economy is still in the crapper. With another recession on the horizon and unemployment at still high levels people are prioritizing and going out to buy a fancy video game system is not priority.

Families are struggling to pay most bills, many people have taken pay cuts or have been laid off. The decision to make has become "Do I pay the cable bill?" or "Do I put food on the table for my family?"

Bottom line: People are struggling to make ends meat and rushing out to buy a $250.00 handheld is not on the top of their to do list no matter how much they want it.
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