History Says The 3DS is Doomed.......

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User Info: toma13

6 years ago#41
Grooter48 posted...
cheeseyrox2 posted...
The Nintendo DS only got a price drop after Nintendo released the DS Lite over a year and a half later.

Factually incorrect.

I think.

I recall the price being cut to $129 just 9 months after launch. Even then, I don't think the system sold all that well, until Mario Kart DS and NSMB were released.

Yup. A quick google search and I get August 21, 2005 as the date of the DS price cut, 9 months into the system's life.
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User Info: BdowDELL222

6 years ago#42
Pointless to even argue over this topic. Why dont we wait till years end to have a rational discussion? Many people in this topic are not being rational at all...

User Info: Genericgamer667

6 years ago#43

look at these topics

User Info: MewtwoEx

6 years ago#44
I smell an angry vita fanboy as the TC

User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#45
BdowDELL222 posted...
Pointless to even argue over this topic. Why dont we wait till years end to have a rational discussion? Many people in this topic are not being rational at all...

It's GameFAQs. Reasoning with fanboys is like arguing with a wall. o.o
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User Info: Swickman81

6 years ago#46
Genericgamer667 posted...

look at these topics

That's quite interesting.
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User Info: Vyers

6 years ago#47
I too think that the 3DS failing would be the best thing for Nintendo. As seen by their decision to price it at $250 as a result of the intense hype, and the decision to launch before they had any real killer apps ready, Nintendo is hugely complacent because of their tremendous success. The price drop and program designed to keep from alienating their biggest fans - the early adopters - was a great business decision and could serve to save the 3DS. However, a good launch is always quite important in the long-run. People may cite the DS, but the DS was going on its own power (and some of Nintendo's). The Game Boy wasn't a Nintendo, it was a Game Boy. With the DS replacing it, and with it not holding the Game Boy name, it had a lot of low expectations.Considering the 3DS' high expectations, the 3DS should have wiped out half of the world's resources.
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User Info: DetroitLolcat

6 years ago#48
This is all opinion, of course.

3DS is not doomed, but it's not going to be the next DS. The best Nintendo systems are innovative. The Wii was innovative with motion control, which no major console had used before. The DS was innovative with two screens and a touch control system. The 3DS brings no new way to play games, as it's a DS with different graphics. Sure, it's more "powerful" and stuff, but is the common buyer going to recognize that? Doubtful.

Also, there are no good games for it. That's not opinion, that's plain fact. OoT 3D is the only thing (besides Street Fighter, but that's a close call) worth buying for 3DS, and it's just a remake of a game that's already available on Wii for one fourth of the price. Will there eventually be better games? Of course. Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros. in a few years, new Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, etc., but those aren't out and aren't coming out for months. Nintendo always prides itself with a combination of good games and innovation, and 3DS has neither of those and only has the potential to have one of them. Look at N64. Great games, no innovation, it turned out to be an average-selling console. Wii and DS? Great games (inb4 someone says Wii had bad games) and a ton of innovation. They were breakout hits.

History doesn't show the 3DS is doomed, it just shows that 3DS might not be as wildly popular as previous Nintendo consoles.

However, we need to look at one thing. It's *****ing Nintendo. The undisputed masters of handheld gaming. DS got off to a bumpy start, and six years later it's about to hit 150,000,000 units shipped. This is the real release of the 3DS. Six months from now, the 3DS will be completely different that it is now. Right now, it's an expensive system with 1-2 playable games on it. Six months from now, it will be a pricey but affordable system with 5-6 playable games on it. I find it a bit odd that Nintendo rushed the release for 3DS but waited half a year for the "rapid-fire of good games", but maybe that was to sucker people into paying $250 for it. Did Nintendo get a case of "Apple-itis"? Maybe. But 3DS is not dead, not by a long shot.
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