Good eShop games as of now?

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User Info: 1gecko

6 years ago#1
I'm adding some money to my eShop balance today to get LA. But since its 6.99$, and the least you can add is 5$ I'll have some money left over. The least I plan on adding is 10$, but I'll easily change that if I can get a small review from you guys on something good. Or, should I just save the 3$ extra that I'll have if I add 10$?

User Info: Genericgamer667

6 years ago#2
Shantae Risky's revenge is a good one, also Cave Story....if you don't wanna wait for the remake

User Info: 1gecko

6 years ago#3
I'll wait for the remake of Cavestory, I already played it on my Mac (inb4 PC's are better). As far as I know there aren't many added things to the one in there now.

User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#4
Super Mario Land and Kirby's Dreamland are also good ones to get.
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User Info: OverlordAlik

6 years ago#5
anoymous notes 2 is pretty good, never played the first, and i havent played the 2nd long but so far its pretty nice.

stay away from soul of darkness, it looks like a castlevania game but its terrible terrible quality. "music" hurts my ears, choppy animation, brain dead gameplay. 0 exploration. It looks like you explore but its all broken into levels.

Shantae is a great game, very cute and a great sense of humor "You're seriously sending me on a coffee run?"
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