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User Info: Carbuncle009

6 years ago#11
Slipknot2430 posted...
So it says there will be 20 games. Now do we get to download all 20 games or can we only pick and choose a couple of them like how Sony did? Oh and I know of a way to buy the system on top of getting the games for free.

Best Buy offers a price match guarantee. If you purchase the system like a week before and go onto the eshop then once the price drops you can price match system and best buy will honor it. Just an idea.

Great idea! Just put this up 20 hours earlier and you would get a lot of praise!
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User Info: marc5third3

6 years ago#12
Why are you surprised so many people don't want one? It has...like...no selling point. lol

What's funny is that the amount of people not interested in a 3DS is about the same as people not interested in an XBox 360, even with all the complaints the 3DS is getting. When more games and stuff appear, it'll be amazing how many people will want one.
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