Capcom Considering Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition or SF X Tekken 3DS

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User Info: dbz_gotenks

6 years ago#11
I will forgive Capcom for how they're treating Mega Man when/if they give us a new Phoenix Wright game or Ultimate MvC 3(D) for 3DS so I can see Phoenix object in 3D. *drools*

SF x Tekken would be nice though.
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User Info: shino_of_leaf

6 years ago#12
yeah, and then watch them cancel it when it's about to come out.
APnation posted...
I don't see the point in getting MW3 when BF3 will be far more superior.

User Info: zeldasho

6 years ago#13
Guess its time to trade in SSF4 3D while its still worth 25+ dollars <_<, before it ends up like MvC3 and being worth only 8$
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6 years ago#14

Posted 7/30/2011 3:40:56 AM
message detail

AE DLC for owners of SSFIV3DE

Port of SF X Tekken 3D, Maybe Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3D as well, and then we're all set!!! RE Mercs 3D DLC wouldn't hurt either. Any of this should ease some of the disappointment of a lack of MML3.
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Yes Capcom loves us so much, they are willing to give us it through dlc.

NOT! Also people are still gonna hate Capcom for cancelling MML3, they played with there fans like play things and then threw them into a trash compactor, I really doubt it will ease MML3 fanboys.

Also they will probably make you rebuy REMERC 3D with new content, not as DLC. Though I wouldnt mind Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I wasnt attacking you, just merely stating that I doubt Capcom will be that kind cause all they care about is money, not fans.

On topic.

I would rather have UMVC3 than another SSF4 version, SSF43D didnt really make me feel happy, it wasnt nearly as fun as DOAD.
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User Info: Rawrman15

6 years ago#15
I thought this was old news that they were considering AE for the 3ds? They said this back at E3.
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User Info: KGTrigger

6 years ago#16
No thanks, I'm not interested in these games. Least of all SSF4 AE.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
6 years ago#17
PhantomSword posted...
Capcom Considering Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Yeah. Watch it be a full-priced retail release. I wouldn't be surprised if they also discontinued SSIV's online one that game is out.
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