Opinion Topic: Buy 3DS Now or After Price Drop?

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User Info: DarkMaster2000

6 years ago#1
Hello Everyone,

So I'm curious to see what everyone is doing in regards to getting their 3DS. Are you going to buy one now to take advantage of the Ambassador Program, or are you going to wait for the price to drop? Also, what color are you thinking about picking up?

For me, I am on the fence for both. Mathematically, I assume the NES games will be priced at $5 a piece, while I imagine GBA games would be priced at $7 or so. That would make the 20 game offer worth $120 (not to mention their is the slight chance of getting a HUGE amount of Club Nintendo points as well). However, some of the NES games (minus Mario and Zelda) I would only play a few times, but the GBA list thus far is quite impressive and would have me playing for quite some time. It's definitely a difficult choice for me.

I also am not sure which color I would like either. I do love the finish on the blue, but I'm not wild how the top half of the unit is black, it just seems......off.

I'm curious to hear everyone's opinion on this interesting situation.
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User Info: Okihay

6 years ago#2
Wait for the price drop, then... well... e******.


...if you know what I mean.

User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#3
DarkMaster2000 posted...

I also am not sure which color I would like either. I do love the finish on the blue, but I'm not wild how the top half of the unit is black, it just seems......off.

This. I'm going to go with the blue, mainly because I heard that the black looks dirty after a while, but it will bother me always that it is not a solid color. I'm buying after the price drop, because I don't have a job (money comes from dog training and sitting) and I don't want to get 250$ out of the bank to buy a video game console.
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User Info: MW2_Main_Menu

6 years ago#4
I bought the 3DS at launch. No loopholes needed. :)

Anyway, do want the games?
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#5
buy now
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User Info: Artahn

6 years ago#6
$70.00 divided by 20 games = $3.50 per game.

Do you think each game would be worth $3.50 to you? If there are any that aren't, do you think that the games that are would compensate for that?
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User Info: daytonafreak

6 years ago#7
Well the original price was $250 and it will be marked down to $170. That is a difference of $80. So it seems to me that it is better to wait for the markdown, save the extra $80 and buy the games you really want.

User Info: DarkMaster2000

6 years ago#8
I want the games for sure; but I couldn't do the loophole. I just would feel too bad for doing it. I'm not judging others who may try it, I just personally wont. Plus, I would like help Nintendo out. I may get called a fanboy, but they have been a significant part of my life.
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User Info: Big_Isaac

6 years ago#9
I already have one, so there's no reason for me to buy another hur dur

the 20 games aren't worth it IMO. they are a nice extra for us early adopters, but I wouldn't buy one before the price drop if I didn't already get one at launch
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User Info: WulfBlazer

6 years ago#10
Don't buy it before the price drop. The only people who will argue that those 20 games for $80 (plus tax) are a good deal are those who have buyer's remorse over buying a gameless handheld for way more money than they should have.

NES roms are NOT worth $5 and GBA roms are NOT worth $8. Nintendo rips people off by charging that much. I don't care how much of a fanboy you are, it's the truth.

Most of the games you wouldn't have bought anyway, so that further adds salt in the wound. Wait for the price drop.
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