Opinion Topic: Buy 3DS Now or After Price Drop?

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User Info: DarkMaster2000

6 years ago#11
There's some good points in here.....thanks for all the feedback.
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User Info: seafoampheonix

6 years ago#12
Dude the 20 games is a good deal. People forget that when new Apple products come out you don't get a deal like that
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User Info: xLexLuth0rx

6 years ago#13
TC, I appreciate your dedication to Nintendo. With that in mind, I'd say wait for the price to drop - unless you want to further support them with the higher price and also get some good freebies in the process. And get the Ambassador title, etc.
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User Info: DarkMaster2000

6 years ago#14
That's the thing, I'm getting it regardless, I just have to decide how important those games are to me. I do wish they would have released the complete list though.
GamerTag: DustinJames89

User Info: Toke4us

6 years ago#15
also, I believe that an "ambassador" 3DS will have a higher fetching price compared to a regular 3DS in the event that you chooseto sell it 5 years from now.
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User Info: kousekix3

6 years ago#16
If you live in Canada, you can get it from wal-mart during roll-back week for $200 AND get the 20 free games.

User Info: Uiru

6 years ago#17
Canadian Best Buy, Futureshop, and apparently Walmart are all selling for $200. Buy now, get $30 refund in two weeks, get games in a month or so.

There is no reason not to buy now, if you're planning on buying it at all for $170.
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