Giant AR card Questions (For people that have it..)

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User Info: AndehPandy

6 years ago#1
Is it only for displaying your Mii? or can you play the AR games with the Giant AR card?
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User Info: bulbinking

6 years ago#2
you can play games, but it seems pretty difficult
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User Info: I_am_Gyarados

6 years ago#3
You can play games, you'll need a lot of room though
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User Info: kufasta

6 years ago#4
Mine shipped a couple days ago so it should be here in a couple days. I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

User Info: Beth0r

6 years ago#5
I played with my AR card a bit and it was fun. Just make sure to have room.
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User Info: 15RC

6 years ago#6
Just got mine today. It's awesome. I can add all of the Miis from my 3DS. The Miis can be huge by changing the size, and tiny as a toy as well.
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