Nintendo's biggest mistake was calling it a 3DS.

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User Info: panicbxmb

6 years ago#31
Wallydraigle posted...
No, their biggest mistake was trying to price gouge at launch, and then waiting for the hype to completely die off before lowering the price to a more reasonable level. Now the novelty has worn off and no one wants to buy it even if they can afford it, and they've alienated everyone else who bought one at the ripoff price.

alienated everyone, huh? speak for yourself man.

my girlfriend and i have both had ours since launch, and neither of us feel slighted in the least. when you buy a system at launch, this is what happens. and they're giving us 20 free games that they don't need to give us at all!

i feel like us early adopters are getting a preeeeeeeeetty sweet deal.

User Info: GEKGanon

6 years ago#32
3DS makes sense, but it was still a bad name. WiiU doesn't make sense, and it is a bad name.

Given the confusion already surrounding the WiiU, I think Nintendo needs to seriously consider changing the name before release.
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User Info: papery0shi2

6 years ago#33
Thank goodness they corrected that problem for the Wii U.

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User Info: chickenturkey10

6 years ago#34
If you have the subtitle like Color or Advance after the main title like DS or Gameboy, people seem to more easily recognize it as a new system. I have friends that say 3D DS, which I find completely ridiculous.
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User Info: dunkis

6 years ago#35
Every single person I've talked to was convinced it was just another DS with 3D added to it. It got old very fast telling them it was an entirely new handheld. I'm not sales expert, but I'd have to say that there are more people not buying it thinking it was just an overpriced iteration than there are people who are buying for being associated with the DS.
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