The one thing you LOVE the most about your 3ds

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User Info: MlREFOX

6 years ago#11
The $210 trade-in I got for it before the price dropped.

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#12
One thing, huh?

Might be a cop-out, but my answer is that it's a 3DS. All of the great things about itself, in one package.
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User Info: Un_Flugel

6 years ago#13
Aiming with the gyro in OoT. I just got OoT this week and at first the 3D was my favorite new addition (looks fantastic tbqh), but then I got the sling shot and just messed around with the gyro aiming. That was something I thought would be to much of a hassle to use but it's great fun and effective (not always when the 3D is on though). I hope MGS3D uses it for aiming as well. I know there will be gyro controls but for all I saw was using it to cross a bridge.

User Info: AstralFear

6 years ago#14
It turns off.
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User Info: RolandofGilead

6 years ago#15
The awesome lineup of upcoming games.

User Info: parKb5

6 years ago#16
All the things I can do with it.

I love watching Netflix on it!
"Do you want to know the secret of my panties?" - Trucy Wright
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User Info: BluesMX90

6 years ago#17
The price drop. (I don't have a 3DS, yet.)
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User Info: mx2a

6 years ago#18
Nothing stands out to me.
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User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#19
BluesMX90 posted...
The price drop. (I don't have a 3DS, yet.)

3DS, August 12. Can't wait.
Proud female gamer.
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