Why do you guys hate on the Vita so much?

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User Info: LightHawKnight

6 years ago#61

From: HollowNinja | #078
That is true. To realize how Nintendo fanboys really are, you have to go to them. Sony fanboys will come and get up in your face, no matter where you are.

I don't know about you, but that reason alone makes the Sony fanboys the worse of the lot.

From: Absolutezero93 | #079
I've never once seen a topic bashing the Vita here. I've seen plenty of Nintendo hating topics on the Vita board, though. Do a 3DS search on the Vita boards at look at how many topics come up. Now do the same on this board with the Vita and compare.

There were a few, not as many as the Vita boards bashing the 3DS, but there were a few.
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User Info: Starking777

6 years ago#62
HollowNinja posted...
They're not equal. It's like the difference between piss and crap. They're both unpleasant, but one is clearly more so.

Both smell bad, are disgusting, and annoying to clean up. Fanboys come in both flavors. Sometimes you see one side and not the other, such is the case. I've seen the worse of every side, I don't see how they're not equal. They're annoying, hateful, and trollful. You always see the worse in them when they have reason to act that way.
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