C/D: You've signed the Majora's Mask 3D petition

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User Info: Aruaruu

6 years ago#21
Link gave up his childhood to save Hyrule.
You gave up your childhood to make Link save Hyrule.

User Info: JackofSpades209

6 years ago#22

Although it's my second favorite game of all time,l dont think the petition will do anything
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User Info: xCha0s

6 years ago#23
Dragonwarriordude 6 years ago#24
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User Info: paulink

6 years ago#25
Did you really need to make another thread about this?
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User Info: IUlGl

6 years ago#26

Why are people so sure that this game will be made?

User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#27

Do want.
shoot the core.

User Info: SquareSide

6 years ago#28

Feels like I'm doing chores when playing it.
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User Info: Viiper

6 years ago#29
D: I want new games, even if the remake would be done with resources from 'outside' why not let them make new games.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

6 years ago#30
D, the only petition I ever signed was to bring Medabots DS over and that one failed.
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