Price drop consolation prize is an epic fail.

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  3. Price drop consolation prize is an epic fail.

User Info: Rune_Schism

6 years ago#81
RichterB17 posted...
Rune_Schism posted...
Bad analogy is bad. In short you're mad, I'm not. Good luck with all that, and good night.

The point of what I was trying to say is that you will accept anything if it was given to you for free. Getting free roms when I could get them for free myself means they have no real significance for us Ambassadors. People say Nintendo didn't have to give us anything well honestly they shouldn't because what they are giving is bull****.

And honestly what I was talking about wasn't towards you anyway because you seem like a person who couldn't careless either way. The people that I was talking towards were the people who are praising Nintendo for giving us such a lame consolation prize; they make Nintendo sound like the greatest company to ever exist. If Nintendo pissed in their mouths they would be happy.

If Nintendo really wanted to make up for this, if they really wanted make the first 3DS buyers feel really special, give them something that will be completely exclusive for awhile something no one has gotten to play like a downloadable demo of Super Mario 3DS or Mario Kart 7 and some 3D classic games. Something that I CAN'T GET FROM PIRATING.

Mario_Bones posted...
My work colleague forgot to give me some papers I needed, so he bought me a car! What a jerk, I could have just stolen his for free! Why not build me a car from scratch instead of giving me a free gift out of the kindness of his heart!?

There is seriously something wrong with you if you think a cheap ass GBA game has the same worth of a car.

The thing is ultimately there is an added bonus to anyone in the ambassador program aside from just the 20 games though. The point I have really been trying to get across is that the entire point of this whole thing is that Nintendo is trying to get that 3DS out, and moving off the shelves. They want the install base high, and even though that directly benefits them, it also helps us out. The more people who buy this thing, the more support it will have. I want as many games as possible released on it, I want it to have a long life. That is something that you can never get from pirating.

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

6 years ago#82

From: WOSpaces | #041
I'm still happy with my purchase, I'm even happier now that i'll be getting 20 free games.
3DS FC: 3866-8144-2758 | I am a brony. IMO: Pinkie = Applejack > Fluttershy > Rarity > Rainbow > Twilight
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  3. Price drop consolation prize is an epic fail.

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