So how is Let's Golf 3D?

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User Info: SShredder565

6 years ago#1
I've heard it has lots of content including unlockables, bonus modes, and 108 holes. And then I've also heard it has a tiny amount of content that isn't even worth the 1 dollar on iPhones. I've heard it runs smoothly, but then I've also heard it's choppy and has framerate issues.

Ugh. I loved Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, and am interested in this. So how many and what modes does it have? Does it run smooth enough to be fun? How many holes, characters? I heard something about a leveling system?

User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#2
How was the movie Captain America? Wanna ride bikes?
hardcore about the casual.

User Info: ashockey

6 years ago#3
It's a really great game. I've already put about 10 hours into it.
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