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User Info: GoldenJoe24

6 years ago#1
So, umm...I just want to kinda throw this out there and get a feel for what people are thinking, but does anyone else find these random-ass music videos to be weird, horrible, and completely out of place on the 3DS?

I mean, okay, the channel is obviously a thinly veiled marketing/advertising service, but come on. Did anyone else watch one of these and just be like..."Nintendo, you've lost your damn minds"?

I will say, the music for the video channel itself is incredibly catchy. Reminds me a little bit of Mario Kart.

User Info: arbingordon

6 years ago#2
Yes- to me it's rather useless.

User Info: Purugly

6 years ago#3
Same. Deleted it minutes after installation, tbh.
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User Info: shenran

6 years ago#4
the thing i HATE bout this is that it takes about 2500 blocks form SD card for it. come on nintendo you can make it use less blocks.
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