Nintendo should have raised the price to $299

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User Info: ResistiveTouch

6 years ago#1
True fans of Nintendo do not see their products in terms of price.

User Info: urmie

6 years ago#2
Sounds more like Apple than Nintendo if you ask me.
Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt the one doing it.

User Info: ORANGE666

6 years ago#3
ResistiveTouch posted...
True fans of Nintendo do not see their products in terms of price.

The WiiU is coming out next year, it would look bad if they were within $50 of each other.

User Info: Viiper

6 years ago#4
Nintendo fans simply enjoy Nintendo. Gett out with that trolling logic. :D
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User Info: hayleywiIIiams

6 years ago#5
Crap, how am I gonna damage control this one?...I know, draw attention to another company I think is doing the same thing wrong! Phew, dodged the bullet on that one, now the criticisms have no merit.

User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#6
And remove all the preloaded software, and put it up on the eShop.

And only sell the stylus separate from the system. For 11.99.

Watch they're totally gonna take all my ideas now.
shoot the core.

User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#7
What? And do what Sony did with the Playstation 3? It would be stupid for them to do that.
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User Info: hayleywiIIiams

6 years ago#8
Damn Sony. After I bought my PS3 at launch, not only did they RAISE the price another hundred dollars, but they locked me out of PSN until I mailed them the difference!

What a horrible company. Nintendo saves.

User Info: Luuthian

6 years ago#9
EVERYONE sees things in terms of price. Asking $250 for this thing was ridiculous to begin with, and the masses spoke with their most important tool... Their wallets.

It's about value, not fanboyism. For $250... there simply wasn't enough value to justify the price. In my opinion... there still isn't. I don't see how a pile of NES and GBA games will save the platform. Nothing like paying $250 to play games you owned 10 years ago.
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User Info: Baha05

6 years ago#10
It's only 4-5 months old, when next year hits I bet we see a bunch of games that make the price worth it.
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