We always have ds games to fall back to.

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User Info: crazybot

6 years ago#1
I know we all want the shiny new stuff on our 3ds.s. But we always have ds games to get. Surely you haven't finished your ds game collection yet. I just finally picked up Bowsers Inside Story for the ds. Great game, and there are certainly quite a few more I haven't picked up yet. Between the backwards compatibility and downloads there should be enough to get us through the next month or so. Not as cool as having Kid Icarus now, but still.........

User Info: paulink

6 years ago#2
I've been playing the third installment of taiko for the DS, good stuff.
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User Info: skawo93

6 years ago#3
That's not a good argument. 3DS not having games can't really be fixed by another console having them.
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User Info: J_pheonix

6 years ago#4
I have a DS to play DS games

And a 3DS to play 3DS games >_>

Get the picture?
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

6 years ago#5
i bought the 3ds to play 3ds games, not ds games, even if i haven't got all the ds games i want.
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User Info: crazybot

6 years ago#6
Oh, I know. Believe me. We want 3ds games. I'm just talking from a games player POV, who isn;t looking at sales or worrying about the future of the device. There's stuff to play. You can play Zelda OOT and then put in a ds game. All on one device. You can't do that with a ds.

User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#7
I bought my ds to play ds and 3ds games :D ( I had a ds but it broke in a freak accident)
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

6 years ago#8
what you mean in the same way a GBA can't play DS games? or a gamecube can't play wii games?
Super Nintendo Defender system

User Info: MetroidJunkie

6 years ago#9
I'm pretty sure the op meant using DS games to tide us over until the more desirable 3DS games come out. Think of it as a temporary fix. Or, you know, you could just switch to a different system. Not like the 3DS is the only one in existence.

User Info: Flootenkerp

6 years ago#10
agree.. im revisiting my ds games... and see which can be played to kill time.. and wait for the 3DS games....
Flootenkerp ^^
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