The eShop needs to be sorted better.

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User Info: leak_man

6 years ago#1
I can hardly find a damn thing without typing random words into the search bar.

It needs legit categories and listings and whatnot so it's actually possible to find ****.
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User Info: SkynetAppleMac

6 years ago#2
agreed, i have to take a leak now, it actually been a while since, thanks : )

User Info: HollowNinja

6 years ago#3
I agree as well. Even the Playstation Store was better than this when it first launched... and any early PS3 adopters who read this will know that that's a pretty bold claim. Steam: DJ illi ill

User Info: Seishinmahou

6 years ago#4

tell me about it...

User Info: ubidubi

6 years ago#5
There definitely need to be a lot more games in order to make an efficient sorting mechanism. Right now some of the classic categories like rpg, action, adventure... would be nearly empty. When a few more games show up they should really make it easier to navigate.
The ubidubi

User Info: Luke_the_Duke15

6 years ago#6
I think they should have a front page with
•New Games
•3DS Download (inludes 3D Classics)
•Virtual Console
•Retail Games (just to see what's out)
•Staff Picks and Featured Games
And in each selection you can look for games based on price or genre.

The current organization is terrible because you can't find anything beyond Virtual Console.
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User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
6 years ago#7
Forget sorting. I'm reluctant to buy anything from the eShop because purchases are tied to the hardware instead of an account like on PS3/P and XBox 360. If something happens to my hardware, my purchases go poof.

Plus what if there's someone else in the household who also wants a 3DS? Then you have to buy everything twice. On PSP, I only have to buy once, and my downloads are available on any hardware I'm logged in on.
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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#8
The Eshop is fine as it is. It just need's some more games since I'm nearly finished with Link's Awakening and Super Mario Land.
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User Info: leak_man

6 years ago#9
^Only someone in denial would say that.

If I hadn't heard of it beforehand, I would've never known that Earthworm Jim was on the shop.
A rhombus is the kind of rectangle a ***** would draw.

User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#10
over to the left there's a search button, with a bunch of filters. I realize it may be a tad complicated to push a grand total of five buttons. I feel like you guys complain before any digging is done. And why don't you compare the eshop to the appstore?
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