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User Info: Vyers

5 years ago#21
LHS_2012 posted...
Vyers posted...
strongo9 posted...
DKCR was still an excellent game despite several people leaving Retro. Retro will definitely not go down the Rare path.

It is a process, sir. If Nintendo continues to alienate Retro, the developers who made DKCR and MP1-3 great won't be there. In the end, Retro Studios will be a building, not a group of some of Nintendo's best.

I'm not trying to call you out, this is a legitimate question:

How is Retro being alienated?

Because throughout their history, Retro has pretty much been relegated to making games for existing Nintendo franchises; in the beginning they had cancelled games, though these were due to poor quality. More recently however, there are numerous reports of Nintendo refusing to greenlight recently, including a The Legend of Zelda spin-off title. At this point, they should trust Retro, rather than make them make what Nintendo wants them to make. Retro studios could be their trump card to make titles that appeal more to American gamers, and while DKCR was great, Retro is being underutilized.

To demonstrate, most of the people who made Metroid Prime no longer work for Retro.
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