So those E-reader cards, how are we going to get them?

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User Info: Uiru

6 years ago#11
Nobody's asking for proof... has there been additions to the lists?

User Info: FredSavage27

6 years ago#12
The Virtual Console on the Wii can't even emulate the N64's Controller Pak, and that seems like it would have been a simple matter of creating another save file. They can't even do the simplest of things (that they've done before!) like button mapping and customizing colours and borders. They're not going to bother with all the work it would take to simulate a failed peripheral they didn't even fully support the last time around.
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User Info: weirdee

6 years ago#13
Considering that there's a damn double camera with visual recognition capabilities grafted to the backside of the device, I don't think an e-reader will be necessary in the future.
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User Info: ZBug_

6 years ago#14
If i recall correctly, there was a few bonus levels from cards too. I'll be a little sad if we dont get those
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User Info: Kino

6 years ago#15
Wynters387 posted...
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I've tried it and I can confirm that this is completely fake.

User Info: lizard81288

6 years ago#16
So this game is one of the free games? Well, The whole, no e-reader bonuses sucks. Whats the point of getting this version? I would have rather had the NES version and then SMW gba. I can only thing of AR cards or spotpass, but i don't think either will be implemented.
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  3. So those E-reader cards, how are we going to get them?

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