Thinking of Getting a 3DS but have questions

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User Info: wugeezy

6 years ago#1
Obviously the price drop has definitely made me want a 3DS (been wanting one since it came out but was waiting for a price drop). I have questions that I hope I people can help me with:
What are the best screen protectors for the 3DS?

I heard the battery life is pretty bad, are there extended batteries available? Do these void your warranty?

What are some must have games for the system right now? (I want Zelda for sure, but haven't kept up on the other games)


User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#2
I've been considering this:

Have no clue about voiding warranty.

User Info: Uiru

6 years ago#3
Battery life isn't wonderful but it'll do, never used screen protectors, and I think Zelda's about it unless you like fighters.

At least if they ever make a better battery, you'll be able to replace it yourself.

User Info: marsboy12345

6 years ago#4
Super Mario 3D Land is coming out sometime this year(I forgot the release date).
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User Info: so64

6 years ago#5
1. I've heard nothing but good things about Hori screen protectors.

2. Yes there are, most popular one is the Nyko power plus; I use the Newbie Power Armor myself; and Nyko's coming out with the Shock N Rock in the fall for the 3DS. They will void your warranty, but...(>.>) Nintendo probably won't notice if you place the original battery back before sending it in.

EDIT: Decided to post pictures of the three extenders

A. Newbie Gaming's PowerPlus Battery Extender

B. Nyko Power+:

C. Nyko's Shock N Rock :

3. OOT3D, Shadow Wars...
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#6
I recommend an extended battery if the ~3-4 hours isn't good enough for you. I've adjusted my gaming style to it, so now the poor battery life is generally more than enough.

I've used both the Nintendo endorsed screen protector and the Hori brand so far. Hori covered the top screen very well, but gave it a purple tint that bothered me when not gaming, while the Nintendo endorsed one is clearly poor quality but is clear so if it sat like it should then it would be invisible.

Of the two I recommend Hori for now. I'm going to test another soon, likely to purchase another Hori soon after since my system suffers from a rubber buffer on the bottom that's too low to do any good.

Edited in: I forgot to note games:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Basically a given, it's a wonderful and faithful remake. I'm glad I preordered for the soundtrack as it's quite nice to have in addition to the game.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles - An above average hack & slash game. Not something I would directly compare to the Diablo series in terms of good gameplay, but fairly solid the first run through and pretty enjoyable. My main complaints are related to the item system (I've been spoiled by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction both having amazing item systems), and the poor multiplayer implementation.

Resident Evil: Mercenaries - Can't delete saves, so can't blame you if the close to inability to resell the game (or purchase used) is a deal breaker. That said, it's got solid gameplay, and is the only title I've picked up that the multiplayer shines.

Games I recommend ignoring unless cheap:
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - too easy and too short to be worth full price by any means. I managed to get $15 store credit by purchasing it at launch via Amazon, as well as traded straight across for Samurai Warriors so I got some excellent value from it. But managing 100% in the game according to it's in-game log by 11 1/2 hours (including about an hour of backtracking due to missing something, and a bit I don't recall lost due to the system losing power).

Steel Diver - Lack of physical controls mar what should be a fairly good title. Even had it had them, I don't think this title would have been worth $20, I'm glad I got a hefty amount of trade-in value due to the Gamestop near me being completely out of used 3DS titles.

Pilotwings: Resort - I enjoyed the free-form flying, and had it not been locked in to 2 minutes I would have spent more time with it. But the missions were extremely dull, and combined with the aggravating cap of 2 minutes it isn't even reasonably useful for relaxing, and so along with Steel Diver I traded them in toward 2 copies of RE: Mercs and cash so I had a cheap copy for a friend (and mine completely covered).

Lastly, I've mixed feelings on:
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - The art of it bothered me from the start. It's fairly hard for me to get into a game once the visuals have turned me off, and sure enough finding that losing a unit costs you the game I dropped the title and meant to turn it in for store credit while I had a coupon for an extra 40%. Having forgotten to get around to it before the coupon expired, and nothing else interesting having since been released I will try to give it another try this summer.
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User Info: wugeezy

6 years ago#7
Awesome. I probably will try the stock battery to see if it really gets in the way. Especially with games like zelda which require long stretches. (Hate for my battery to die after doing alot of work in a temple)

So there is no sticker or seal that is broken when you replace the battery? So I guess nintendo would never know?

I used Hori ones in the past for my ds lite, and they were awesome. Might go with them.

Really excited to play Starfox 64 3d and Kid Icarus.

Also, how well does the 3ds play DS games?
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