According to Ono, it's either gonna be SSFIV AE or SFxT for the 3DS

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  3. According to Ono, it's either gonna be SSFIV AE or SFxT for the 3DS

User Info: lp913

6 years ago#21
PhantomSword posted...
AE, if only to add moving backgrounds and 60fps in 3D (hey, if Tekken can do it...).

Agree, and let me add that AE retail makes more sense to do first over SFXTekken for these reasons:

- Tekken has already been confirmed for 3DS/WiiU, yes just the standalone Tekken series. It would be hokey of Capcom not to give Nintendo players a separate SF experience as well when Tekken is already in the works.

- Third parties already have access to bigger 3DS carts now (4GB to date, SSFIV3D was only 2GB, still an impressive effort though). So there is a good chance that an AE 3DS retail release could have all the features of the console version and then some. That means Japanese language option and fully animated backgrounds all possibly retaining 60 FPS could actually be done, with little to no restraint.

- A potential Wii U version with cross-compatibility with AE 3DS would be an AWESOME selling point! There's already questions as to why anyone would bother with a 3DS re release or a late Wii U port for that matter, well HERE IS YOUR REASON!

It's already been hinted at not only for the standalone Tekken WiiU/3DS versions, but SMASH BROS. for Wii U and 3DS as well. So what better way to kick off the new connectivity feature than AE for both new Nintendo machines, since they're technically the only gaming platforms left who have yet to experience AE in full.
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User Info: RollerBob

6 years ago#22
PerfectAkuma posted...
SFxT, but with Nintendo allowing DLC for 3DS later this year, AE should be DLC for those who have SSFIV 3D.

Agree... especially if SFxT has DLC as well.
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User Info: Releven

6 years ago#23
Yeah, I want a new game. SSFIV AE is just the same thing but with 4 more characters. Two of those characters were clones of eachother too, and the stories were not enough to warrant a purchase.

User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#24
lambchips | Posted 8/1/2011 8:52:49 AM | message detail | quote | (edited)

most of capcom fighters WERE on arcades first...

Super Street Fighter 4 was on consoles first

MvC3 (and Ultimate will probably be too)

There is no Arcade version of MvC3
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  3. According to Ono, it's either gonna be SSFIV AE or SFxT for the 3DS

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