Majora's Mask or an original Zelda title for 3DS?

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User Info: chestershadow

6 years ago#11
This exact topic has been done 1000+ times already.

And for the last time, a Majora's mask port wouldn't take away from a new 3ds Zelda. Where you people keep getting this idea is beyond me. Grezzo did oot 3d, not the Zelda team at nintendo. And Grezzo will likely do the mm 3d if it happens since they have all the tools and resources to do so. A new Zelda game takes time to make, likely what will happen is we get Majora's mask next year, and a new Zelda the following holiday season/spring.

Case in point: Majora's mask took one year to develop from the resources nintendo had from ocarina of time during the n64 era. Most other zelda's took more than 1 year to make. See where this logic is going?

I mean let's be realistic here, grezzo isn't working on anything else at the moment, and the Zelda team is still putting the finishing touches on skyward sword. Who's to say we can't have both a new game and Majora's mask 3d?

User Info: Jackstin

6 years ago#12
I don't think there's any HARM in it per se. But I just don't see any point. Ocarina of Time at least was much more enjoyable on N64/Wii because the big screen gave the feel of freedom and exploration. DS screen feels to small. It;d be good but for me wouldn't beat the original, which is like £7.

User Info: MetroidLink57

6 years ago#13
If they were to announce a new Zelda on 3DS and MM remake at E3 next year, i guess it be fine. If they did that, the wait for the new zelda would be as long as the wait for skyward sword since its debut.
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