The Root of the 3DS's problem right now

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User Info: Mig_Mej

6 years ago#11
A lot of valid points in here. Beyond the existing library for DS, take into account that quality games are STILL coming out for DS, why would anyone buy a 3DS to play a DS game when the Lite is so affordable? So the only reason to buy a 3DS is if you find its current library attractive.
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User Info: AdmiralLoknar

6 years ago#12
nintendogger posted...
I agree with TC. It will be interesting when the Vita comes out because it will have the same problems times ten.


User Info: Wallydraigle

6 years ago#13
Natureboy99 posted...
No games plain and simple.

Always interested in any Pokemon event distribution cartridges. My email is in my profile.

User Info: chestershadow

6 years ago#14
NoPointMade posted...
1. Pricing (agree with everyone about that)
2. Misconception that 3DS is just another DS with '3D vision' added.
3. Temporary drought on software.
4. The '3D causing ocular vision problem' scare. Informed parents would simply not allow this for their own children. That narrows the consumer base down quite significantly.
5. Also, same informed parents may not like the idea of their little innocent kids having unsupervised access to Netflix. Not saying they don't know how to supervise their own kids, it's just that they probably don't want another additional thing they have to supervise.

To be 100% fair there IS a parental protection setting.

User Info: Stefan1277

6 years ago#15
lol. Price is the only one I agree on.... if you're miserably poor that is.

Game shortage? in the first 5 months... and not in a Holiday season. So, am I allowed to call the Vita a failure after the first 5 months when it only has like 2-3 good games? of course not, it would be irrational and stupid like 50% of the people in this board.
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User Info: Reptobismol

6 years ago#16
The only reason I bought a 3DS right now is A. a number of GBA games I love but can't find carts for to save my life and B. the fact that I've had a hell of a time finding systems closer to November, when extremely high profile games are being released. In this case, the Marios.

Trying to find a Cube toward the end of 2001 was miserable and I couldn't find one until it was almost time to go back to college.

If it weren't for the fact that I had to connect to the eShop to qualify for the ambassador thing, it'd still be sitting comfy inside its unopened box until November.
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