Blast from the past ign April 2005 (Article)

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User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#1
psp vs ds Whose going to win the battle of portables?

John: The psp without question. Its the most obviously significant thing to happen to videogames in years. I think the only thing that will slow down sony is how fast sony can build the little things.

Bryan: I second that, Nintendo really dropped the ball with its lack of must of ds titles at launch (feel the magic?, I dont think so)

Current situation

"The consumer doesnt want more of the same" says nitnendo executive vp reggie fils aime. " They want someting truly innovaitve. So far it seems like reggie is right with roughly 3 million units sold since its debut last november ( the 3ds has sold 4.5 mil in less time without the holiday). Take into account DS's relatively lackluster launch lineup and those figures are that much more impressive

Unfortunately the ds software library isnt looking too much better during these first few months of O5'. As usual its sprinkling Nintendo made games.

Looking ahead

Like a distant traveler with his destination in sight ds owners will definitely see a boatload of titles that take advantage of the machines ability. Nintendo will do its part with mario kart ds, a portable animal crossing, and a new mario bros. DS also has a solid third party support like a new castlevania ( the 3ds has a new laytonish game from them soon), and 2 ff instalments ( crystal chronicles and FF 3 ) (The 3ds has chocobo racing, rocket slime 3, ff rhythm, kingdom hearts so far)

Very similar situation huh? Yet more negativity this time
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User Info: cheeseyrox2

6 years ago#2
Gamers are more jaded than ever.
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User Info: Natureboy99

6 years ago#3
I think the situation is quite different in a lot of ways.

User Info: logans_run_82

6 years ago#4
It still amazes me how people would take IGN seriously.
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User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#5
i cant believe i actually believed ign back in the days
(when i too young to form an opinion... now that im older and lived through 3 system launch droughts, i dont give a crap what they think... as long as nintendo continues to support the 3ds im not even going to waste my time being worried)

the media just jumps to conclusion wayyy too fast (it also happens to the console world)
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User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#6
The eerie part is its almost the exact same situation with the exact same companies and games. The only difference is the 3ds has sold more. And people are still hating
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It wasn't just IGN, this was the general sentiment at the time .
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User Info: WickedSickJosh

6 years ago#8
The difference now is that people are mostly judging the 3DS on it's own. The PSVita hasn't even been released. You can't really compare the two yet.
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User Info: Vermineater

6 years ago#9
Nintendo seems to always be risking it. The 3DS won't reach DS levels, but it will be respectable.
VE -
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User Info: Vyers

6 years ago#10
tldr; Hey look everyone! Here's another attempt at comparing an adequately priced console with innovative gameplay mechanics and low expectations for success to an overpriced console with gimmicky visual effects, high expectations for success, and unlike the DS, a formal statement calling the 3DS' launch, in effect, a failure!
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