Anyone else trading in their psp for a 3DS?

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User Info: nerdjohn77

6 years ago#1
I want to trade in my silver PSP 3000 on amazon, but the only options I see are either the Black PSP 3000 for $48 and the Ratchet and Clank PSP 3000 bundle for $68. I don't see a trade in option for just the Sliver PSP 3000. So i was wondering should I choose the Silver Ratchet and Clank Bundle even if I don't have the National Treasure movie that comes with the bundle or should i just choose the black psp 3000 option even though my psp is silver. And also do i need to send the box the psp came in to trade it in? Or can i just put the psp and accesorries in another box?
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User Info: hayleywiIIiams

6 years ago#2
No, because when it comes to handheld gaming I actually want some games to play.

User Info: pariah164

6 years ago#3
Hell no I'm not trading in my PSP. I have about 30 games for it, so why would I even?
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User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#4
Buy a copy of National Treasure on UMD. Problem solved!
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User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#5
No, because I'm planning on trading it for a Vita.

And planning in selling my UMD games.
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