What's the consensus on Netflix 3DS?

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User Info: Swan3624

6 years ago#1
What do people think of Netflix on the 3DS? My friend said it's slow, the quality sucks, and it's all around a very inferior version to the ones on everything else out there... but my experience with it so far has been quite positive.

I was interested in hearing what everyone else thinks of it. Do you like it? Is it sluggish for you? Is the quality good? Bad?

I could understand someone saying the quality of the video isn't exactly top-notch, but at the same time, the 3DS has a small screen so I don't think top-notch quality is really necessary. Why waste the great quality when you can't see it that well on the small screen?

In my opinion, though, the video is fine, the sound is fine (louder than those sample 3DS videos, so thank goodness for that), and it's overall a very competent Netflix package to me :P

What are your thoughts?
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User Info: turtleman64

6 years ago#2
It changed my life for the better. 'Nuff said.

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#3
The quality is exactly as good as it can be on the 3DS screen. It's......vague to call it "low quality".

It's portable Netflix. It's available for other portable devices. If 3DS is what you have, you're in luck.

I use it every day, on my 3DS.
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User Info: toma13

6 years ago#4
It's perfect for watching a quick show while laying in bed before I sleep.
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User Info: LincolnTunnel

6 years ago#5
It actually works more consistently than Netflix on my 360, and I haven't noticed any significant difference in video quality.

User Info: surroo

6 years ago#6
I'd like it better if I could watch a whole episode of L&O:CI. Most of them have been stopping at 20 minutes (of 44 total), regardless of how many times I load them, so I have to move to the TV or my laptop. Maybe I've been able to completely watch about half of the episodes I've tried to watch on my 3DS.

The lack of synchronization between audio and video(also in L&O) is also annoying, but tolerable.

I haven't tried watching much else, I'm not keen on loading something heftier than a 44 minute episode if I have such trouble doing that in the first place.

User Info: legendarylemur

6 years ago#7
They'll most likely try to improve the Netflix's performance later on, but right now, it's very tolerable. The quality is good enough (think iphone/touch but i think slightly bigger screen, don't quote me on that) and the speed sort of suffers if you have a complex queue list, but it's nothing too bad.
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User Info: Natureboy99

6 years ago#8
Cool, though expected on all devices these days.

User Info: BBlackford

6 years ago#9
My laptop's battery is so awful now, I have to lug around the power adapter everywhere I go. So my 3DS has be absolutely perfect for my late-night Netflix watching.

Not to mention, Netflix makes good use of the 3DS's charging cradle.

User Info: Linkx20

6 years ago#10
It's actually great. The quality isn't fantastic but the screen is small enough that it's not a big deal. You get all the instant watch content available on other systems (every season of Lost? fantastic). The start-up time is pretty long but it really doesn't bother me at all. It's as good as you're gonna get on the 3DS. EXCEPT I would love 3D content, especially when movies like Toy Story 3 are on there which had 3D in theaters.
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