Does the new low price affect your thoughts about the 3DS?

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User Info: blazeUP12

6 years ago#1
Til now I've always seen the 3DS as an overpriced, very modestly beefed up DS with a novelty 3D feature that could possibly make you nauseous. Now that it's $170 though, I think I'll be able to love it ;)

Game prices are still a little high, $35 would've been perfect pricing, but at least some games are coming out for the system... Compared to the Wii's horrendous year.
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User Info: 7Days13Nights

6 years ago#2
after the first month of launch i was pretty much feeling the same way as you did. now, after the browser and netflix update and my purchased of DOA:D and OoT3D i'm happy with it. i also have been having a blast taking 3d pics and listening to my tunes while earning coins.
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User Info: flagg2kplus

6 years ago#3
It only confirmed my original opinion of it being a failure.
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User Info: Baha05

6 years ago#4
More so the shock of Nintendo's decision

User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#5
Nope. Still think it's great.
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User Info: Mwulf

6 years ago#6
It makes me think less of it.

That Nintendo thinks the biggest problem the 3DS has is its price... bodes ill for the future.
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User Info: blazeUP12

6 years ago#7
I'll say that my initial impressions of the 3DS weren't that great. Graphics were nice but hardly impressive or cutting edge. The 3D feature was also nice but again not impressive enough to justify the $249 price tag.

The new $169 price may seem like an act of desperation to some, but I think it represents the true value of what you're getting with the 3DS...
hello earthlings, i am from another planet

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#8
Well, it takes my previous view that the handheld wars will be much closer down to a view that Nintendo is sure to be called the winner. I mean, unless Sony can convince publishers to price Vita games at $30 or lower, I think it's all down to the fact that the 3DS will be a lower bar to get over for consumers' wallets.

I have always thought that the 3DS was made with the intention to be sold in the $170 - $190 range since Iwata stated outright that the 3DS was priced as such because of reactions at E3. The new price doesn't change that.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#9
Makes me think I originally was right in thinking that it was a cheap system that was overpriced.

But since it's Nintendo and they are coming out with a lot of good games I am tempted to get it now and just play the 20 NES/GBA games and DS games and just wait for the games to come.

User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#10
250 was the wrong price obviously.

170 is more in line with what the cheaper option should be.
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