The trend of un-erasable save files...

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User Info: elihuaran

6 years ago#31
Fayegurl posted...
In a pacman game, the fact that there is an unlockable in the first place disturbs me.

In all fairness, Pacman & Galaga Dimensions only has levels that you unlock. It's not like you're going to unlock some ultimate code/thing that makes the game easier.

User Info: elihuaran

6 years ago#32
Prime_Phoenix posted...
I'm sure I heard that if you hold all four face buttons and both shoulder buttons when booting up Pacman/Galaga then you can wipe the save file.

Can anyone verify this?

Just checked it out, yes you can erase the save file. Okay then, guys, there are 3 games with this unerasable save feature.

User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#33
Wallydraigle posted...
elheber posted...
4 games.

You know, there was a time when Hitler had only murdered four jews. That didn't make it right because it was only four.

Your comparing hitler to VIDEO GAMES NOT HAVING ERASEABLE FILES! really?
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User Info: Foofyhead

6 years ago#34
Aren't they pretty much the same thing?

I mean, isn't this issue going to cause another Holocaust?

Oh and, I think I'll be looking for (more) Tsunami Bomb, thanks!
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User Info: Lilrosco

6 years ago#35
Err...about pac-man (This link was already posted)
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User Info: Mattperd

6 years ago#36
This wasn't complained about in other gens.

GBA had plenty of games that didn't allow erasing files.

I think Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors didn't have a way to start over.
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User Info: Prealienking

6 years ago#37
I can't delete my save data on Galaga Legions on my 360 >:(
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