I am disappointed in all of you who are exploiting Nintendo.

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  3. I am disappointed in all of you who are exploiting Nintendo.

User Info: firecopyX

6 years ago#111
The only one losing money are the consumers. Nintendo and retailers make money even if you "exploit" (which they don't care if you do) the ambassador program.
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User Info: parKb5

6 years ago#112
LordAndrew posted...

Me, or Alexandr? I checked the topic and didn't see you respond to any of my previous posts, so I assume you're responding to the TC and simply adding to my post. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh, snap! I thought you were the TC. My mistake.

Yes, that post was directed at the TC. He seems to have an answer for everyone but not my posts.
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User Info: Mig_Mej

6 years ago#113
Nintendo exploited the loyalty of its consumers by over-charging for the 3DS, but for many people, loyalty has its limits. And after years of gimmicks, the backlash to the 3DS would appear to be a reflection of people reaching their limits with the Nintendo. People deserve to be compensated for the 3DS, even through a loop hole that is LEGAL. TC, I don't know if you are rich or what, but to many people in NA $80 is a big deal jerk and Nintendo customers should be compensated.
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User Info: PKNintendo

6 years ago#114
AlexandrGabriel posted...
Lol, my wife and I were discussing this last night. We both find it appalling that people will exploit Nintendo for something as minuscule as $80.00. Without Nintendo, you wouldn't even have had the chance to exploit them with this loophole, and this is the thanks they get? I'm ashamed of being associated with crooks and con people that willing exploit Nintendo yet support the likes of downloadable content and other practices that have harmed the industry.

Get of your high horse TC.

Stop acting like you're like holier than thou.
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User Info: 1shadetail1

6 years ago#115
Is this joke topic *still* going on? Why do so many of you care about some kid who compulsively starts every post with "lol" and lies about being married?
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  3. I am disappointed in all of you who are exploiting Nintendo.

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