Pricing: Why the App Store ruins the industry....

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User Info: theshoveller

6 years ago#71
There was a penny arcade comic recently that covered this (heck, it might be yesterday's comic even.) $40 for one game, or $40 for 40 games. A lot of the $1 games might be crappy, but you also might stumble across that one addicting game that you can't get enough of. Considering you have 40 games, it's almost the shotgun effect - there's at least something mildly entertaining in there, even if it's not worth the $40 on just that one.

Then again, it doesn't work like that for everyone - some people can't get into a game unless it's a massive epic with character & plot development, cutscenes, multiple endings, etc. and a game like Tetris isn't their thing. They won't be happy with a dollar price-point game, since they're mostly timewasters, and not something designed to tell an amazing story.

I'm half and half - I could see spending $2 or so on a game for my phone for a nice time waster of a game, but I typically want my games I really enjoy to have a large plot, character development, etc. and would much rather buy something like Mass Effect over Angry Birds. About the only phone game I've even considered buying was some game that feels a lot like the old Genesis Shadowrun game, and that's only $3. I can't play it for hours, but for maybe 20 minutes on a lunch break? Sure.

User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#72
They can co-exist, depending on the tastes of the individual. I love getting crushed by the difficulty of games like Nethack or Demon's Souls, but at the same time, sometimes I do just wanna chill for a few minutes at a time with some Angry Birds
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