The 3DS is not dead nor is it close to dying.

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

6 years ago#1
The 3DS is less than half a year old. Yet a lot of people and press sites are labeling it as "dead". Yeah, um...try saying that again next year when its pushing 10M+ hardware sales. ;-) Games like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus: Uprising have strong potential to push units into homes. Especially with the new $169.99 pricetag that'll be in effect way before the holiday season. I think come Black Friday 3DSes will be flying off store shelves.

The 3DS is not on life support nor will it ever be until the new generation comes in 6-7 years from now. And overpriced games? yeah then I guess you think console games are ****ing ridiculous prices? XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 games rarely dip below $60 before tax. Yet you're whining about a $40 pricetag? What? do you want them to just hand you the game? Oh, sure, iPhone and such have much much lower prices but they aren't the developers of the games having to send them to stores, put them on cartridges, etc. So the prices are fine. If they're bad they'll drop soon enough.
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User Info: BreathofFire3

6 years ago#2
Massive price cut in the first few months is what we call lifesupport...
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User Info: FayeLady

6 years ago#3
. If they're bad they'll drop soon enough.

Well put. It worked that way for the hardware.

User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#4
We won't know whether it's dying or not till the holidays. :/
If it fails to perform, even with 2 Mario games, then it's pretty much dead.

But if it doesn't, then you can laugh at everyone who disagrees with you in this topic.
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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#5
They arent saying its dead, they are just predicting the future after decades of patterns in videogames.

Epic price drop this quickly after launch aren't a great sign. It can go either way, the price drop could help around the holidays once they get more games out, or the system may never end up being that successful due to the fact that it's just way too similar to the original DS which so many people already own.
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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#6
This sounds like a reassurance topic though. TC spends $250 on a handheld, he likes it, and is in denial now that it's not doing well, praying that it lasts and doesnt die within a year or 2.
One free month of PSN+, and all I have to do is hand over my personal info to hackers? That sounds like a sweet deal, where do I sign? -- 3DS 1504-5688-7256

User Info: OverlordAlik

6 years ago#7
It is way too early to call the 3DS dead, I agree the holiday season will tell the tale.

someone tried to call this a reassurance topic, I think perhaps they're trying to reassure themselves about the Vita.
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User Info: Sabelrak

6 years ago#8
Stop being in denial, buddy. An early price cut is unusual and desperate. I have a 3DS like everyone else on here and I'm not in denial.

User Info: IamDodongo

6 years ago#9
Since when did an aggressive business tactic to get things rolling = dying?

User Info: melvin343

6 years ago#10
I don't think the 3DS is dead, just not in the right track and hear is my 2 ina half cents on why Nintendo [Beep] up.

$250 was absurd. Nintendo confused excitement with blindness. Nintendo gauged public reaction and thought that they can create a price point to match that enthusiasm. That might have worked 6 years ago, but in today's world filled with cell phone gaming, earthquakes and failing economies, it just won't pan out.

-When I buy a new handheld or console, I love buying a whole lot of games to keep me busy. Nintendo, a game maker, thought it would be a fine idea to mess that up at the 3DS's launch. First they gave us Steel Diver, which is just a very, very boring tech demo that has NONE of the Nintendo charm you would expect from a game with their name on it. Then Pilot Wings, a game which should have had all of their muscle thrown behind it. Instead it was just a lazy, slapped together mess that borrowed the entire island of Wii Sports Resort, and threw in a few challenges that can be beaten in 2 hours.

"But great games are to come! Just you wait! We have Ocarina of Time 3D! And Star Fox 3D! And...Uhhhh Mario at some point!! And....Uhhhh....Mario Kart at some point too!! And...uhhhhh.....Kid Icarus some time next year!!!" Without having a solid line-up of games, Nintendo shot itself in the foot before the damn console even launched. And by allowing the 3rd party developers to release nothing but Ports (I'm looking at you Ubisoft and don't think your off the hook Splinter Cell I will get to you later) you cemented your system early on as a dumping ground for half baked games and ports.

-I should be playing dozens of classic NES, SNES, AND GBA games right now. You're sitting on a gold mine. Do you think that by spacing out these releases you are going to keep us on the hook? The fact that you admitted all 10 of the classic GBA games that you're giving to early adopters are never actually going to be sold on the platform is heart breaking. Without coming out and saying it, you've admitted that GBA classics are not coming to the 3DS.

Next time Nintendo, don't release your new system this early like March, just wait until like Nov or Dec for the Holiday seasons.
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