Virtual Console's between the Wii and 3DS

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User Info: Ao99

6 years ago#1
Is it possible if all the virtual console games downloaded on your Wii, you can transfer them to your 3DS? I think Nintendo should plan that for the future, so that way more money isn't wasted on games that have already been bought that may probably come to the handheld.

User Info: Slaysme

6 years ago#2
Even if they would allow this,(doubtful) I think it would only happen via wii u, and that's assuming they will devise a way for that transfer.

I do not disagree with you at all. More likely that they would label wii u under eshop, starting full compatability there.
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User Info: SkyCrackers

6 years ago#3
They could do it. But I would bet $500 it won't happen.
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User Info: SB_

6 years ago#4
If they made it happen and linked their network to your Club Nintendo account like all the competition does, I'd gladly buy more VC games, and I'm sure I'm not the only person that holds back due to Nintendo's draconian methods of online business model.
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User Info: RySenkari

6 years ago#5
I know people like to make the argument that "well, if they sold SNES games on the 3DS or Gameboy games on the Wii, people wouldn't buy both", to which I say that PSOne classics are on both PS3 AND PSP and both systems have sold pretty damn well. So yes, they NEED to bring the full Wii Virtual Console to 3DS. Will they? Probably not. But they absolutely should.
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