the problem wasn't the price, though i'm glad they reduced it. its the games

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  3. the problem wasn't the price, though i'm glad they reduced it. its the games

User Info: Cranman1982

6 years ago#1
When you release a new console you should really give gamers a new game that can showcase what the future is and can become. With the Wii nintendo released the Twilight Princess, but that was just a GC title that was held back to become a launch title for the wii.

But the 3ds went even worse. I'm sure there is nothing fans wanted more than to replay the Ocarina of time, but nintendo gave us that with its release on the virtual console for 10 bucks. We didn't need another version of this game, and certainly not for 40 bucks. The launch titles were horrific, and now it is taking them way to long to release new quality titles for the system.

Resident Evil revelations would've made an awesome launch title had they been able to have it ready in time. Kid Icarus would've been interesting, though i don't know if pit has the popularity to carry a console.

It needs games. Badly. Do i think the console will flop, no. And when the vita comes around i think it will just make the console look even more inferior. I'll probably buy one at the discounted price, but that's a pretty big gamble because there aren't any must have games. but i'm willing to trust that nintendo can turn things around.

User Info: r_m_8_8

6 years ago#2
I think it was the price, the games and the fact that DS is still doing okay (and PSP is doing really good in Japan lately).
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User Info: SupremeLord5050

6 years ago#3
I think they are starting to turn things around. They should've launched in October though. The first piece of 3DS ware has finally hit the eshop and I like the direction Nintendo is heading in. Just wait till the holidays I wouldn't buy a 3DS till then if you don't have one by now
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User Info: Bridge_Hanson

6 years ago#4
One gamesradar article put it really well in that Nintendo promised a lot and didn't deliver right away. Quite a few system launches have had bad lineups, but you tend to expect that, really. When Nintendo announced the 3DS and all the planned titles, it raised everyone's expectations. When the 3DS came out and only had a handful of good games, everyone felt let down.

But yeah, I think more titles could have possibly made the price drop unnecessary. Even with the price drop, quite a few people will still want more games to play on it. But I don't think it's as big a mega disaster as people are saying it is.
From: ghettorevival | Posted: 3/14/2011 6:30:15 PM | #006
Rocky Maiviasatellite?

User Info: Cranman1982

6 years ago#5
No they'll be ok. But the system price is really attractive now, but the thing that is keeping me from still wanting one is the game lineup. Its sad that the only enticing games are enhanced titles from the N64 era, which is bad enough, but then they want to charge 40 bucks a piece for them. I just can justify it. Not right now. It probably will be christmas time until i decide to buy one.

User Info: Baha05

6 years ago#6
I blame the release, the price was ok, the late Spring, early Summer release was a disaster. Never release a console during that time frame again Nintendo, that's when gaming for the most part takes a hit because surprise, no games are released during the Summer months, most games are a Spring, Autumn, Winter thing.

Any release in the start of those seasons would have sold and had games (Except maybe the Spring being worse case.)
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  3. the problem wasn't the price, though i'm glad they reduced it. its the games

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