Which colour 3DS do you have?

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User Info: Risenreturn

6 years ago#11
I bought the blue one because it looked awesome.

Also, my black PSP is a huge fingerprint magnet, and I didn't want my 3DS to be the same.
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User Info: goothgone514

6 years ago#12
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User Info: jordandrako

6 years ago#13
I first tried out the 3DS with a friends blue and it just felt too... umm... sparkelay. Y'know?
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User Info: SonicRecords

6 years ago#14
I'll be getting blue because it looks better IMO. Pretty much all my friends that have a 3DS have blue as well.
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User Info: MINJI20

6 years ago#15
The SPARKLY Blue...I just have a thing for things that shine and twinkle.
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