3D classic remakes?

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User Info: Discomaster

6 years ago#1
So what's everyone's take on this? I think taking classic games and enhancing them with 3D is a cool idea, but wouldn't it be nice to see more extra features too? I mean, it's great that Excitebike included the ability to save up to 32 custom tracks, as opposed to back in the day where you couldn't save them at all unless you were in Japan, but what about 4 player multiplayer, seeing as there is 4 tracks, and single player racing for top scores in online leaderboards?

Okay, maybe the last part isn't necessary for Excitebike since it probably wouldn't take long for the highest possible scores to be peaked, but I still wonder about the possibilities created by remaking classics. That makes me wonder about some of the games that could be released and how they could be enhanced.

Donkey Kong is a prime example. The NES version of Donkey Kong was actually smaller when compared to the Arcade version, and looking back now, the result is questionable. Why didn't it have the stage with the pies on the conveyer belts? Where were the sound effects and animations of DK carrying the damsel in distress? I think if Nintendo were to release this classic in 3D, they should port it from the arcade and include online leaderboards. Not only would it make it feel totally authentic, but would also make it feel more modern as well.

Think Nintendo might do something like this? Anyone have any other ideas?

User Info: MWG

6 years ago#2
They did slightly tweak NES Donkey Kong and include it on European red Wii systems last year. Its called "Donkey Kong Original Edition" and has the missing level. Unfortunately they don't seem interested in making it available otherwise. But it would be interesting to see what else they have planned, since the 3D Classics seem to be based on NES games. I wouldn't mind seeing Mario Bros. that has the extra features from the version included in the Super Mario Advance series (like online/wireless multiplayer, the squat jump from SMB2).

User Info: abort_mission

6 years ago#3
i think its kinda silly to add 3D to games that werent made with 3D in mind. people may hate me saying that. but i think 3D only works well when a game (or movie for that matter) has been designed around it.
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