To everyone that didn't buy a 3DS ...

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User Info: ResistiveTouch

6 years ago#1


User Info: KGTrigger

6 years ago#2
I can't read Japanese.
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User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#3
Oh my gosh! They made him... write an article in Japanese?
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User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#4
What, did he cut one of his fingers off like a yakuza? That would be awesome.
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User Info: Mattperd

6 years ago#5
I cried.
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User Info: PeskyBOI43

6 years ago#6
I dont remember but it has to do with money

User Info: Furisu212

6 years ago#7
I guess that means if you don't have a 3DS you can't read? Then I better hurry up and buy one :P
I really should learn people by their usernames instead of signatures.
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User Info: PeskyBOI43

6 years ago#8
now I remember, he gets a 50% Paycut
whatever that means

User Info: GM_

6 years ago#9
You're welcome.

"Hello, everyone. Iwata, Nintendo is.

We love our Nintendo 3DS, Thank you.

This time, it will help us to revise the price of Nintendo 3DS hard on August 11, Announced today that fiscal year.

Period of time has passed and the game launched, that aims to spread to additional price cuts are there in the past, as now, without even half a year has elapsed since its release, yet so big discount It was, you had no past history of Nintendo.

This will undermine the trust of everyone who have supported from the very beginning, Nintendo 3DS, we are keenly aware that it could accept the criticism.

This time, decided to Price on such an unprecedented time, before the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, the situation changes significantly at the moment, if I hit the bold hand, with many customers to enjoy the Nintendo 3DS determined that because the future is highly likely you Tsukuridasenai.

People to make a soft hand, everyone involved in sales to, "Nintendo 3DS is definitely a game to spread the successor to Nintendo DS" Itadakenakere confident that you, well a lot of momentum for Nintendo 3DS spread your software is substantial, not create a cycle that you have purchased our satisfaction to all the Nintendo 3DS as a result.

Everyone is a valued customer Kudasatta to support the first Nintendo 3DS. "The loss to buy soon," you feel completely eliminate it might not be, expressed gratitude for our special guests are, We will be prepared the following suggestions directly below.
Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program
In order to participate
In order to participate in this program, August 10, 2011 (Wednesday), customers who purchase a Nintendo 3DS up, up until 23:59 the same day, an Internet connection you for the Nintendo 3DS, " Nintendo e-shop , "you'll need to access once. By August 10, at least once "Nintendo e-shop" access to customers who are registered as a participant will be the Ambassador Program.
The HOME menu "Nintendo e-shop," If there is no icon, the unit must be updated.
"Update of the body," How
Dear Ambassador benefits
From September 1, 10 titles will be distributed free Virtual Console NES title.
Title Example

Super Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong JR.
Balloon Fight
The Legend of Zelda

This title is intended to deliver leading the NES Virtual Console titles will be delivered before the end of the year, when it was paid for delivery of additional features after the official version may be asked to update for free.
This year, 10 titles to Virtual Console Game Boy Advance titles below will be delivered free of charge. These titles, is scheduled to be delivered to Ambassador Program participants only for the customers, Nintendo 3DS has no plans for future sales.
Title Example

Super Mario Advance 3
Mario Kart Advance
Metroid Fusion
Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program Details

To everyone, "ultimately satisfied" to make you feel, it will raise a platform that Nintendo 3DS, we feel it our responsibility and above all, make every effort to realize the match The.

Here, Nintendo 3DS special software we welcome You to our "3D Super Mario Land" in November this year, "Mario Kart 7", so we plan to launch in December this year respectively, again for your patience so thank you.

We look forward to your continued support in the future, thank you. "
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User Info: ResistiveTouch

6 years ago#10
Do you believe in life after love?

After love?

After love?
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