Got an e-mail of Nintendo about Ambassador Program.

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User Info: Starwars4J

6 years ago#11
Hasn't this already been known for quite awhile already? And the "account" they probably checked was his Club Nintendo account, which he most likely linked to the e-shop.
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User Info: alacer807

6 years ago#12
Hah. Nintendo is gonna get so many emails of people asking if they're registered for the program -.-
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User Info: baconcow1812

6 years ago#13
You can give Nintendo the email you have associated with you linked Club Nintendo account and they can check. They did this for me, with regards to Ocarina of Time 3D.
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i log into the eShop every day just so I can make sure I am enrolled. I have also had my 3DS since the very beginning.
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User Info: Mega_Pitch

6 years ago#15
LordAndrew posted...
Wait, what "account" did they "check"? That's interesting.

This is what I'm wondering, and also is why I'm wondering about getting qualified for the program itself. How are they identifying users who have logged onto the e-Shop prior to Aug 12? Is my friend-code being logged by some Nintendo server somewhere? Or my MAC Address? Do I need a Club Nintendo account linked to my 3DS to be part of the program?

I don't expected to get screwed over by Nintendo, but a little more clarity would be nice.
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User Info: SquareSide

6 years ago#16
Come on guys, this is Nintendo we are talking about. They know what their doing. Let's not get OCD here.
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